Reply To: Jamaican national with leave to remain.



if you are happy she applied for an extension before her orignal leave remained, then you can pay her up until that decsion is replaced.

If that decision was replaced in Jan 2017 with  new decision saying you can stay, but no recourse (sounds like she lost a partner but still had kids, or came for one reasn and then wanted to stay for a different reason) then her eligiblity ends in Jan 2017

yes, her immigration staus ended.

recoverability of any overpayment?

Did she tell you when her original leave was due to expire? If yes, did you follow that up?

and what led you to pay after Jan 2017? if  you paid because because she was appealing thhe no recourse decision, it may well be LA error  – recoverabulty will depend on whether you think it reasonabe she knew HB would be included in public funds 9its usually listed in the list of things you cant get in any info from advise agencies/ Home office)

if you were unanware of the end date to her leave to remain, then clt error