Reply To: joint tenants


I agree with you to an extent about LHA but not about overpayments Sean. Look at underlying ent for instance – I think the majority of LA’s accept this is not subject to the one month time limit ..despite DWP guidance. The fact that DWP have addressed this by making a change in the Welfare Reform Act Act speaks volumes?

Ironically, the point on overpayments on which HBINFO and DWP are in full agreement on (the need to give one month before making a decision from whom to recover) is not followed by many LA’s so its all swings etc.

On the other hand, many of these differences of opinion are being considered before the change has come in ..which is very different than from other previous changes.

The difference between the shared and one bed rate can be up to £3,000 per year in extra benefit (based on the figures I have seen) and will affect large numbers of claimants. Thats well worth a legal challenge (Shelter HBINFO members may want to take note!).