Reply To: LA overpayments


We are applying the PC to the case from the Monday after the date of the ETD ie, ETD received today, dated last week, we apply PC to case from today. However, we are making any overpayment LA error, non-recoverable upto the benefit week in which we actually do the input. We are not therefore creating any overpayments.

We do not use Comino, we have an in-house application for viewing ETD docs received rather than having paper docs. Because we have the correct file format in place on our in-house system, (obtained from LAST after several earlier formats were found to be duff) we are able to pick up things such as dates of death that are not on the actual paper copies printed off RAT terminal!!! So, the Passported field indicators is another problem. I raised this some time ago and received a reply today from LAST that says the three indicators in this field are E = EIOR, P = Passported, Y = non passported. Since when has a Y indicator ever been negative? Anyway, up to now this field has been less than reliant and I shall test again tomorrow to see if these indicators are actually telling the truth (experience thus far tells me not to bank on it).