Reply To: Landlords address


Personally, I stand by my ‘thin ice’ feeling…if the landlord has provided the tenants with an address at which papers can be served, and also tells the authority that this is his business address, I do not see that you can insist on a home address. If he wants to conduct his business through a c/o address, what business is it of ours to insist on his home address? If my suspicions about such a case were so strong that I was considering suspension of what I know to be properly payable benefit, I would hand things over to a fraud investigator.

Basing a ‘not fit and proper’ on a refusal to provide a home address seems to me to be even thinner ice. From the DWP Manual:

“6.162 For HB the expression fit and proper person

* means the suitability of the landlord to receive direct payments of HB

* enables you to refuse to make direct payments in cases where you are not satisfied the landlord is fit and proper because they are, or have been engaged in fraudulent HB activity, or have otherwise acted to obtain HB they were or were not entitled to

6.163 The activity mentioned above [/b]must[b] be related to HB. Undesirable activity in a non HB matter, such as not paying parking fines or Council Tax, or not complying with Housing Act directives, is irrelevant. You are likely to face a legal challenge if you attempt to take account of non HB matters.”

If you are serious about ‘not fit and proper’ you should then pay the claimants direct, rather than withholding payment altogether.