Reply To: Large amounts of money received


I don’t think that Peter’s got this one 100% correct. If an Asessed Income Period (AIP) is in force then he’s right. But there are many scenarios where Assessed Income Periods are not set (for example in any case where the pensioner has a partner aged under 60). My understanding is that if an AIP is not in force then all changes to income and capital need to be reported. Therefore, I think the best answer to the original question is that the first thing to do is check whether an AIP has been set. You can tell this from the RAT (even though bizarrely the AIF isn’t there). If an AIP has been set you and the pensioner should do nothing. If an AIP has not been set then you should suspend the claim (because a real question as to entitlement has arisen) and tell the Pension Service what you know or tell the pensioner to tell them (whatever you prefer and whatever your SLA may suggest).