Reply To: Legislation for Start Dates – Help!


The confusion caused by numerous amendments to individual TC awards and the sometimes inability of IR to provide LA’s with the required info leads me to look to the legislation for advice.

Whilst I can see that we have legisaltive backup for the April 7th start date the only other legislation I can find is in SI 2002 No 2402.
This covers issues such as treating arrears as capital and when to disregard for 52 weeks.

As far as the income from TC’s is concerned it amends reg 33 and says ‘where the claimant receives payment of tax credit or working tax credit in respect of a particular week then the amount to be taken into account .. shall be the actual amount of such payment received’

Following that piece of legislation would make our lives easier.

That being so where is the legislative basis for the complicated and contrived methods of calculating weekly income from TC’s set out in the handbook? Is there legislation out there which I have missed?? The commisioners have made it clear that we cannot refer to guidance at appeal and can only rely upon legislation and case law.

Please help!!