Reply To: LHA and advantageous changes


[quote:827e2708ad]you implement the change as it would have been implemented in October, but don’t actually do it until November.[/quote:827e2708ad]

I presume this is the point of the ‘relevant date’ definition in reg 13D:

[quote:827e2708ad](b) the date of the change of dwelling, change which affects the category of dwelling, or date of death, to which a notification referred to in regulation 13C(2)(c) or (d) relates[/quote:827e2708ad]

This ensures that it is the LHA rate effective on the date the change happened in reality, rather than any deemed date that may arise from applying HB effective dates to the event, that is used following a CoC.

But then we are left with the muddle of when to actually apply the October (in Peter’s example) LHA rate from. For what it is worth I agree that the disadvantageous rule does not apply to the application of a new LHA rate and this must go back to the Monday of the week – whichever week this may be – per DMA 8(15).