Reply To: LHA and advantageous changes


I have always taken the view that where one thing changes which has two effects it is the [i:6a7a36d5a1]overall [/i:6a7a36d5a1]effect that should be considered.

So a new baby will increase appl amt but increase income (child benefit). Taken together the changes will result in a higher entitlement so I would apply both factors (AA and income) from the Monday following notification. If you went back with the income you would have to reduce the OP to nil by applying 104 anyway.

I know not everyone takes the same approach though!

The intention with the new look regs seems to be to align the determination of a new max rent (LHA) with the real change of circs. This would be consistent with the approach above as there is no explicit provision in DAR 7/8 for applying a new max rent following a change of circs.