Reply To: LHA and advantageous changes


Can I just ask for any comments/points of view etc on this please?
lets go back to the scenario originally described – a non dep moves into a property im May 2007.
This is(potentially) beneficial because it INCREASES the lha used in the claim
and is (potentially) a detrimental change because of the non dep charge. so….
Lets say that the non dep moveds in on 15.05.08 –
LA are not notified until 30.06.07
Non dep charges are taken from 19.05.07 and creates an o/p (max charge for 6 wks 19.05.08 – 29.06.08)
The new lha rate is used from 07.07.08 (mon after notified)
Can o/p be reduced by u/ent – had the custonmer told us in time of his actual circs, hb would have been more as the new (higher) LHA would have been used???
I want to say “YES!!!” of course, but……. Im not sure… am training this afternoon – any arguements one way ot tother would be appreciated!!! cheers 🙄