Reply To: LHA pathfinders – phased introduction


Mark, you are as sharp-eyed as ever. I’m afraid you are giving me too much credit. All that happened was I didn’t read the old Reg 11A(1)(a) properly and I missed the important fact that it only applied to authorities in Part I of the Schedule.

I would guess that the reason why the table is not split in the new Regs is that all authorities still taking part in LHA by March 2006 were either fully phased in by then or banging it big. Reg 13A(1)(a) is there because it was copied and pasted out of Reg 11A(1)(a) I’d guess – doesn’t really do any harm since the date referred to therin falls before March 2006 in every case.

But you have nailed the original phasing provision for me, thank you very much!!! It just goes to show you should read every single letter of every single word in these Regs