Reply To: Maintenance loan – is part disregarded?

Mike Bailey

Am struggling with an assessment for a student who has just started (25/9/17) a 3 year course for a "BN (HONS) Adult Nursing". She is a single student with two dependant children, one of whom is disabled.  She lives and studies outside London. The student finance entitlement summary she has provided shows a maintenance loan of £10,689 and says that up to £6,043 of the maintenance loan will be considered by us. There is no breakdown of the maintenance loan. I am proceeding on the basis that the £6,043 is correct but how do I get the figure down from £10,689 to £6,043 using standard disregard amounts/elements? I have previously seen the same figures of £10,689 and £6,043 on a claimant starting a one year course where confirmation was received that a special support element was included butr even then the numbers only got close rather than being an exact match of the DWP figure. I am missing something here?