Reply To: Maintenance loan – is part disregarded?


For all students that took up studies after 1 August 2016, here is the information for the academic year 2017/18:-

All loans increased by 2.8%.

Normally a student will receive £9609.00 which is made up of £6043.00 in maintenance loan and £3566.00 in Special Support grant.  The £3566.00 should be disregarded.

Eg. A student had a loan of £10329.00 which was the maximum loan + 8 extra weeks at £90.00 per week, so I have to include all of the income apart from £3566.00.  So the amount you would use as income is £6763.00.  We still need to disregard the books and travel, and the system you use should deduct the £10.00 per week for our disregard.

Gov.UK states that £6043.00 is the maximum we should use, but Student Finance England letters confirm that the Special Support Grant is the only amount that should be disregarded.

Hope this helps.