Reply To: Modified Income


Hi Lesley,
We’re on iworld too and we disregard the whole amount of wdp. We do it like this:

The AIF from the PS already has £10 disregarded, so if the WDP is £90 you need to disregard another £80 from the AIF and load it as a PCMAIF.

Then just load your savings credit as normal.

In addition to this SX3 have advised that the income(ie: state pension, any superanns, the WDP etc.) are loaded for ‘info only’ – there is a flag to check on the income screen. It seems this info may be needed for stats purposes.

You will need to load other claims like this if there are:
*lone parent earnings (PCdisregard=£20)
*Widowed parents/mothers allowance (PCdisregard=£10)
*Maintenance payments(PCdisregard=nil)

basically you modify the aif where our disregard is more generous than the pension service.
Hope this helps!!