Reply To: Modifying the AIF


I think it works like this:

[*:dd28e50635]WTC counts as income for GC purposes
[*:dd28e50635]But WTC is not “qualifying” income for SC, because it’s essentially a pre-retirement income stream and not something you have saved for. This is to the claimant’s disadvantage, because at this stage of the calculation the more income you have above the SC threshold, the better
[*:dd28e50635]If total income (including WTC) exceeds the GC threshold, SC is tapered by 40% of the excess, so WTC can reduce SC for those who don’t receive GC
[*:dd28e50635]WTC should, therefore, be included in the AIF: no need to modify. Also, if the claimant is a pensioner who gets no PC at all, WTC would still be counted as income

I think that’s how it will work, but isn’t it difficult trying to cross-reference amendments that aren’t yet consolidated into the main Regs?