Reply To: Modifying the AIF


Thanks for your replies.
I assumed people were thinking that I was a lazy so and so and should work it out for myself!

For savings credit only cases I was hoping that for the non-modified cases (which should be the vast majority) the only income we would need to input into the system would the AIF and the Savings Credit itself.

I am now hearing rumours that in the future for either Stat. or HBMS purposes we may need to extract all the income used in the calculation including the breakdown of the AIF.

Has anybody heard anything similar?

(Wouldn’t it have been easier if the HB/CTB income and disregards had been amended to mirror the Pension Credit income and disregards or vice versa. This way in all cases all we would need to assess with would be an AIF and the savings credit. Now that would be simplification!)