Reply To: Modifying the AIF


I am glad I am not the only one suffering with all this. I am trying to prepare an IT specification for our in-house IT people to get our system ready for Pension Credits and am therefore very concerned about this business about modifying the AIF.
I would repeat the question: “Why on earth don’t the disregards in both schemes mirror each other?”.
I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm the following as I am slowly going brain dead looking at the SIs, etc …
1. We operate a local scheme whereby we disregard War Disability Pensions – I assume that we can continue to do this and therefore disregard the remaining AIF in relation to WDP (after the PS have taken off £10)?
2. There is no disregard in PCs for maintenance payments.
3. If a pensioner 65+ is working or their partner is working, will the PS tell us either via RAT or ETD how many hours they work? (It doesn’t appear so from the handbook) We will need this in order to take a child care disregard or the 30+ hrs a week additional earnings disregard? (I appreciate it will only happen in a small number of cases but I still need to make sure we cover it). Is it simply a case of then contacting the PS to get more info?
Any help with this would be gratefully received.