Reply To: Modifying the AIF



We also use an in-house system at Calderdale.

This is the way we have approached the problem of the AIF.

New income field for the AIF.
New income field for the Savings Credit.

We currently have around 2800 cases of over 65’s not on MIG, and I’m estimating only about 200 of these will need modifying.

If the case does not need modifying we will only enter the AIF and the Savings Credit.

If the case does need modifying we will enter the Savings credit then the gross income amounts advised to us by the Pension Service in their ususal respective income fields, and apply the usual HB/CTB disregards.

We should then be able to differentiate between modified and unmodified for notification purposes to advise the correct appeal procedures.
Savings credit + AIF = non modified
Savings credit only = modified.

We are also developing a new screen for the non modified cases which will contain only the AIF and Savings credit fields. Once we are advised of uprated figures we will enter the figures into the new screen. These figures will be dormant until our own uprating when they will be pulled across into the new year calculation.

For modified cases we will wait until our uprating has taken place and then input the new figures through the normal assessment screens.

With the number of modified cases being so small it seemed a better idea to try and devise something simple for assessment staff for the non-modifieds and worry about the modifieds separately.

PS You can still operate your local scheme for War widows and War disability pensions.
Not sure if they will advise the number of hours worked – we may have to contact the PS, but I think we only have about ten cases where they are working.