Reply To: Modifying the AIF


Not suprised that you haven’t had a reply. I’ve been trying to work this one out and the thing that puzzles me is WTC!

Pension Credit REGS say that WTC is not a qualifying income – (SI No. 1792 reg9)

Reg 23 (part 2) of HB/CTB(state Pension Credit)Regs 2003 – does not show WTC as an income which we should use to modify the AIF.

However Reg 23 has the catch all that we should modify the AIF in respect of any income of the partner ‘not taken into account in determining the …..state pension credit’ .

However Hb/CTB regs say that (part 2 24&25) where claimant receives neither guarantee credit nor savings credit then WTC should be taken into account in calculating HB/CTB.

Does this mean that if you claim Savings credit then WTC is not taken into account neither in calculating the Savings credit nor in amending the AIF and that if you are unsuccesful in getting savings credit then we will use the WTC in the HB/CTB calc?

Art the same time the Pension Reg 5 says that income and capital of partner should be treated as the income and capital of the claimant.

Confused or what? – on top of all that I can’t remember where I hid the poison!