Reply To: More on Childcare Disregard


[quote:e0ec3a9aff](7) The charges are paid for care which is provided by one or more of the care providers listed in paragraph ( 8 ) and are not paid—
(a) in respect of the child´s compulsory education;
(b) by a claimant to a partner or by a partner to a claimant in respect of any child for whom either or any of them is responsible in accordance with regulation 20 (circumstances in which a person is treated as responsible or not responsible for another); or [/quote:e0ec3a9aff]

The DWP have covered payments to a claimant’s current partner, but not an ex-partner. I think you would have to be satisfied that the payments are actually being made (but if both parties state they are, how would you disprove it?), but I think you are right in that there is nothing in the Regs. to prevent you taking the payments into account.