Reply To: New Claim for HB – Tax Credits in Payment – Should this be UC/HB?

jason squire

[quote=peterdelamothe]No exceptions Jayne….every working age claimant must claim UC unless they are in an exempt group. She can of course just continue with tax credits and nothing else….then she will be moved over when other existing claims are moved across (including hb) …which is supposed to start in late 2019. Plus her cts is unaffected. But if she wants to claim help with rent….then her other route is UC. It might be that she is better off just staying on tax credits ….depending on her income and circs of course esp disabiliy[/quote]

With the rental market being as high as it is, I think that there very few circumstances where it would be better to stay on Tax Credits and paying the rent out of it rather than claim UC. The only circumstances that I can imagine at the moment is someone with a large family and are coining it in Tax Credits… but those people will have to claim HB anyway.