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There was always likely to be an initial large increase in costs, in part this would have come from those tenants whose rents were below the LHA rate, we tend not to hear from those whose rents are below the Local Reference Rent but they are the direct beneficiaries of this scheme.

The main reason for the initial increase in costs in the Pathfinder areas is that these were funded to make the scheme work. However the experience of another poster (Andy Richards) is quite telling.

[quote:04a2949ac5]Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:22 pm
Just out of interest and in response to Sean, as of this month all of Brighton and Hove’s LHA amounts have now remained unchanged for a year.

Not sure what that demonstrates or proves but it may be of interest.

We have eliminated the possibility that the Rent Service has simply shut up shop but left one PC on to send us an automated email at the end of every month [/quote:04a2949ac5]