Reply To: New Claims

Julian Stanbury

Hi, just some random thoughts below.

A claim can only be withdrawn before a decision is made.

Once a claim is decided it stays in payment until the claimants circumstances fail to satisfy the conditions of entitlement or it is terminated following suspension.

Conseqeuntly it seems very difficult to stop getting benefit because it would suit you.

I can’t work out how roles can be swapped other than by ending entitlement and I can’t work out how the customers could use role swapping as a way of ending entitlement either. The can’t withdraw the claim as its already decided.

Under the old review system swapping turned up quite a bit. And as one period had ended, they could make whoever they wanted the claimant for the next one.

Once reviews went away (probably to return again some day, they may already be here in some form) I can’t see how you can swap roles without benefit ending due to either lack of entitlement of termination.

If it did end due to one of those reasons, the next claim, no matter who the claimant was, could fall under LHA.

Hope that helps, and I would welcome other opinions.


By-the-way: haven’t read the LHA regs completely so if there is a reg to encourage husband or wife or partner swapping – i am, as yet, blissfully unaware.