Reply To: New CTB liability more than 52 weeks


I agree, CTB can only be considerd for 52 weeks backdate. I asked the DWP, admittedly some time ago, about a case where the claimant had claimed HB for some time but always said no to CTB because he was not liable. Several years later the property was banded for CT and a backdated bill sent to him.

DWP reply in part: Unfortunately, after lengthy consideration there is little that we can say to advise you in this case. You seem to have explored all possible avenues (backdating, revisions etc) and rightly concluded that they do not appear to provide any solutions.
The simple matter is that the customer specifically stated that they did not wish to claim CTB at the particular point in time because at that time they were not liable to pay Council Tax. The regulations do not offer a way around this where subsequently a liability arises.
I would have thought that the customer should really be pursuing this matter with the Valuation Office. It seems unfair that they can decide to ‘band’ accommodation from an earlier date regardless of the tenant’s position (ie if it is not the tenant’s fault that the property was previously un-banded). end of quote.

Sorry 🙁