Reply To: Nil Income


…..bit more of the same advice


For businesses receiving little or no income, the guidance states the following should be considered to determine if the claimant is still gainfully self-employed (if they are then the MIF will apply if they are outside of their start-up period and in the all work requirements group):

•if there is a reasonable prospect of work in the near future

•if the business is a going concern and regarded as such by ◦the person ◦the business’s bankers or ◦any creditors or ◦others

•if the person is genuinely available for and actively seeking alternative work

•if the person hopes or intends to restart work in the business when economic conditions improve

•if the person is undertaking any activities in connection with the self-employment

•if there is work in the pipeline

•if the person is regarded as S/E by HMRC

•if the person claims to be anxious for work in the trade, profession or vocation. Is the person making it known that the business can take on work? For example by advertising or by visiting potential customers

•if the interruption in question is part of the normal pattern of the person’s work