Reply To: No bank account for Tax Credits!


I have not seen anything that will/would allow us to use the lump sums as income in this case; this is not the only time (or way) that a claimant could take advantage and build up an underpayment which we will not use as income.

How about pay decreases ? Notify us within one month and IR within three months, add on the time IR will likely take to calculate your new award of TC you have an instant savings scheme !

How do you afford to live whilst waiting/saving ?
Of course Hb/Ctb will increase to take up a lot of the shortfall because we will use the actual TC in payment.

We are looking forward to a whole new range of tactics/circumstances here, we still don’t know how Fraud will be dealt with after April but as I understand it this is apparently ok?

Is this taking advantage of the system ?