Reply To: No bank account for Tax Credits!


I have heard a rumour that it is possible for people to fill in something called a “claim form”. Apparently, by doing so you can then get MONEY FROM THE STATE. Who’ll join a campaign to stop this happening? Lets call it the “Campaign against the possibilty of fraud entering the welfare state by dismantling the welfare state campaign” (CATPOFEWSBDTWSC for short).

Anyway…I digress! I bet anyone that the money lost in the system because a (tiny) number of people work out that they can deprive themselves of a short term increase in their income in order to benefit in the long run will pail into insignificance compared to those people who will get nothing because they don’t know they can claim – or get put off by the form. Why do people also seem more concerned about ludicrously devious scams rather than low take up? I agree that the anomalies between the HB/CTB and Tax Credit schemes are absurd but why is this always seen as a fraud issue? How about the fact that it is confusing for claimants, LA/DWP/IR staff and advisors.