Reply To: Non-dep student away and room level


I’m ressurecting this thread as a query has just come up in the office.

We’ve always treated a non-dep University student as a member of the claimant’s household – even when they are studying away from home and living in halls of residence or term-time accomodation. This is because their main residence remains with the claimant. We’ve recently received guidance stating:

“a student studying away is not treated as being part of the ‘family’ as they are not included in the applicable amount (personal allowances) assessment and are not part of the ‘household’ as their normal home is elsewhere. If the student’s circumstances were such that they were eligible for HB, they would be able to claim in respect of their term time address as being their normal home.”

Is this correct? Do other authorities always re-refer the rent when the non-dep goes to Uni in September and then again when he returns for the Summer holidays in June? Our Council tax department have always treated the student as continuing to occupy the dwelling and awarded the appropriate disregard, and as far as I can remember the benefits team have always included the non-dep student as part of the houehold. Have we been getting it wring for all these years???