Reply To: Non-dependants moving out/ in.


since non-dep moving out does not affect pc, the change needs to be considered under d&a regs

first need to identify if non-dep moving out is advantageous to claimant, (taking into account the deduction, changes to rent officer determiation, possible application of single person discount for council tax)

if not advantageous, then change takes effect from date of change, therefore non-dep removed, and 26 week protection is effective fropm date of return.

if advantageous, then claimant can make application for late notification of change of circumstances, LA must then determine whether delay was reasonable and if claimant had special reasons for failure to notify change within one calendar month. if LA accepts application, then we go back to previous paragraph.

if advantageous and application refused, then non-dep is treated as having remained resident, and no 26 week protection applies.

and lets not forget that you could have situation where change could be advantageous for ctb and not htb, or vice versa. lol