Reply To: Non-deps scenario


Jon – thanks for the reference to Q360. Now I’ve read it I’m even more convinced that the DWP are wrong. Do they seriously want us to believe that people whose hours of work increase don’t increase their earnings too? The 16hr rule in IS/JSA(IB) is a reference to remunerative work just like it is in HB – ie. it is not only the hours that matter – it is that it is paid work. The number of people who will stop getting IS/JSA(IB) because of the remunerative work exclusion but end up with a lower income overall is too miniscule to possibly warrant “going down that road”. I say apply the 26 week rule and be done with it. I know it’s been said before but it’s worth saying again – the DWP can offer guidance (as well they should) but it’s ultimately up to the LA to decide what the law means.