Reply To: NTC Helpline – WARNING!!


I too have just tried to get through to the IR helpline using the special LA number. I (only) had to wait 10 minutes on hold before finding out that their computers were down. The man I spoke to said that this is a daily occurrence and that “it is a total nightmare”. Now, imagine that all the people in front of me in the queue have a conversation where the systems are working – how long will it take to get through then?

Incidentally, I was trying to call them about your friend and mine – the mid award change of circumstances. In this case the award notice shows that the CTC and WTC both change and that the award is for the whole of the tax year. There are no children reaching any of the significant ages during the year so as you might imagine I can’t wait to find out why the award is due to change. Now where did I leave my scientific calculator?