Reply To: Out of borough tenants and CTB


Unless your LA and the neighbouring LA have each other as designated offices,(unlikely) I dont think you’d be able to say the claim for HB was also a claim for CTB with a different authority. 🙁
A lot would depend on how the authority that was going to have to award the CTB would view things. From their point of view, the chargepayer has had bills and they presumably state that she can apply for CTB if she’s on low income and if she’d rung them – or the LA that was paying her HBt -they would have advised her to claim. If she was mis-adsvised then that is “good cause” but you are limited to the 52 week backdating limit then – its likely a claim was made (at either LA or DWP) but this has been mis-placed or mis-laid then thats NOT backdating – but its probably pushing it a bit to do that for the length of time in question. 🙄
Could find out when she started getting bills – maybe she wasnt billed straight away and therefore thought CTB was covered with her HB??