Reply To: Overpayment Classifications


Of interest is Mews post on another thread, again from the DWP.

At present your scenarios are correct. Any overpayment would only be classified as LA official error from the Monday following receipt of sufficient information in order to process the change. This of course would only be the case if the LA failed to process that change before the claimant’s next payday.

We are looking at the policy on LA official errors, when they are caused by a delay in processing a change, so things may change in the future. However this is the guidance at present, so you would be able to justify your Subsidy claim. You would not need to reclassify overpayments’ retrospectively, if guidance changed.[/quote:efa9c4e5ac]

Now this opens up even more questions about the effective date of LA error and would suggets that LA error is only applicable from the final information date and not the first information date. This would all but abolish LA error in many authorities.

Is this the same guidance promised here?