Reply To: Overpayments & Court action


****”There is case law where it was found that interest cannot be added to overpaid HB – R v Kensington & Chelsea RBC ex parte Brandt (1995) 28 HLR 528 [538?], QBD

“I’m not aware of any relevant legislative change since that time. So, if the law is unchanged, [b:9a30bc47da]interest could only be added at the time of a County Court judgement. “[/b:9a30bc47da]****

No you have not overlooked anything but as per your quote above, interest is only calculated at the time of applying for the Award and is not added until the Award is obtained. If you are telling me this is also incorrect then we need to find out what is correct as I don’t want to be doing things incorrectly!! So any guidance is greatfully appreciated!