Reply To: Overpayments created by NTC awards


I reckon it goes like this:
IR assessor calculates the annual amount due ( or plucks it out of thin air as the case may be), the daily amount(s) and the arrears to date. Award letter shows date of calculation, let’s say 5/5/03. Arrears payment is made 8/5/03, but first 4-weekly payment is not made until 4 weeks down the line, let’s say on 29/5/03. Therefore we count it on the claim from 5/5/03, as it covers weeks comm. 5/12/19 and 26 May. However if IR fail to post the [i:0c9ebb2ded]letter[/i:0c9ebb2ded] until ,say,21/05/03, and we don’t receive it until ,say, 23/05/03, there may very well be an overpayment between 5/5/03 and 25/05/03, which can be classed as Dept. error. ( a structural overpayment )