Huw Jones

Whilst agreeing with Peter’s argument in favour of following the Regulations – all the guidance supplied by the DWP points in the other direction.

If we accept that the amount of TC to be used is that net of recovery of any overpayment – how does one go about this when the starting point of any calculation is the annual award of TC or the ‘balance to be paid figure’.

for instance:

date of notification 04.12.2003

CTC balance to be paid £1179.72

weekly CTC to be taken into account = £66.60

However the claimant is actually receiving instalments of £42.33 per week.

So in this case what method do we use to establish the weekly amount to be used for HB purposes – bearing in mind the already convluted guidance that currently exisits?

It appears that the DWP did not foresee this method of recovery by TC.