Reply To: Pensioner claim or working age claim


That’s as good a job of analysis as anyone could do with such vague drafting in the Regs Mark, so I see no reason not to agree with you.

There is another unclear point that I am not sure about as well. The amending Regs that apply to any “person” over 60 include a couple of tweaks to non-dependant deductions. If the non-dep is on Pension Credit (either component), the scale of remunerative work deductions doesn’t apply: you only slap on the lowest deduction for a working non-dep who gets Pension Credit. But what I am not sure about is this: do these changes only apply if the “person” over 60 is the claimant (i.e. a pensioner claimant with a pensioner non-dep), or is it sufficient for the “person” over 60 to be the non-dep (i.e. a claimant of any age with a pensioner non-dep)?

Did someone already thrash this out on another thread? Sorry if I’m reinventing the wheel.