Reply To: Pensioner claim or working age claim


Can I throw a spanner in the works with regards to joannee’s posting and, in particular, her wise words on the issue of capital where the clmt <60 and partner 65+ on SC with PS providing an AIF. I agree that we should use the AIF.
But what if the partner does not get a SC (he doesn’t qualify) or in cases where the partner is aged 60-64? Is it then a case of existing rules apply, in which case we would calculate tariff income from capital as £1 for every £250 over £6,000?
What I’m trying to get at it this:
Clmt under 60 (existing £1 for every £250 over £3,000 rule applies)
Clmt under 60, partner over 60 (existing £1 for every £250 over £6,000 rule applies (existing HB reg 45 (1ZA))
Clmt 60+ (new HB/CTB SPC rules apply, i.e. £1 for every £500 over £6,000).
We certainly do need to know if the new HB/CTB SPC regs apply when the partner is over 60. New Reg 2(1) states ‘person’ but ‘person’ is not defined in the regs.