Reply To: Pensioner renting from his daughter – contrived/commercial tenancy?


Thank you very much Dayglow.  Had no idea that this Court of Appeal  decision exists ! Will need to circulate to other staff  here .

I think that a lot of assessment officers quite rightly wonder about  voluntary/ charitable payments which are relatively large and paid to claimants  on a regular basis but end up following the guidance in Lister/Ward ( which is citing HB General Regs, schedule 5, 14 (1)  ) to disregard such sums. 

Indeed, there is a world of difference between a claimant who misses 'signing on' whose relatives give them some cash to buy food and other essentials until benefits are reinstated, contrasted with our chap referred to above who states that he receives several hundred pounds a month from father  ( which he is expected to pay back one day).