Reply To: Performance measures 18 & 19 for HB/CTB appeals


This is a very sore point with my appeals team! We have been put under a lot of pressure by CAB’s and solicitors to submit HB OP appeals when the claimant has an outstanding appeal with the DWP – I used to try and put them off but one was so insistant we submitted – and then got a telling off from the Chair, understandably, as she was not in a position to make a decision on the HB. I then used this as ammunition in my plea to our local TS to come up with an agreed course of action. This was that we would submit our appeal straight away but clearly marked as awaiting DWP decision – the TS would then contact DWP and instruct them to submit. Needless to say this has not worked – we had 2 hearings listed recently and it was supposed to be a joint hearing but lo and behold no submission from the DWP so the cases had to be adjourned. The Chair was v annoyed and said if the sub was not forthcoming she was minded to make a decision in claimants favour based on no evidence to support case. I raised this again at our last TUG and have now been advised to send a letter to the Regional Chair which I intend to do but I really don’t know what the answer is to this. Seems ironic that we are given targets by DWP that they then make impossible for us to meet through no fault of our own! There surely has to be some pressure on the DWP to sort this out!