Reply To: Permanent right to reside

Nathan Jessup

This is my dilemma. 

JSA(IB) has currently ended on 20/11/17 awaiting decision following GPOW test 22/11/17 but I'm not convinced the DWP should have applied the GPOW test.  They are obviously not taking into account the tribunal's decision.

I have made enquiries with the clmt in order to establish a permanent R2R for HB.  She has not worked since Nov 2008 and she has not provided me with sufficient proof of work for me to decide she has a permanent R2R for HB (what she has provided shows only a very minimal amount of work – certainly not enough to be considered genuine and effective). 

She cannot qualify as a primary carer of a child in education either.  She states the child's father (not living with the clmt) has been a worker since the child has been "installed" in the UK and I have asked her for evidence of his work.

I have been trying to establish a R2R for HB but I don't want to be asking for this info if I can accept the tribunal's decision for JSA.  As I said, I'm concerned that she gets evicted and I could have paid HB all along.