Reply To: PFA – help needed


While she is under 21, she is a dependant of her mum and can be a family member of her mum

So you'd need to know what mum was doing (worker status etc)

try and establish what mum was doing from date arrived in Uk – hopefully if mum has had a right to reside for 5 years PRIOR to the gaps in bank statements, AND before daughter was 21, then the daughter has a prm right to reside.


if you need to rely on the daughters status, hen you need to start from the earliest possible date – she was a family member of her mum so that will give her some time with the same status as her mum.

if she turns 21 BEFORE the 5 years perm right to reside has been established, then look at her status

Ideally you want to et her to the 5 year point before the gaps in transactions – but if she doesnt get to the 5 year point before the gaps start, then you will ned to know where she was and what she was doing.

Her 5 year clock doesnt necessarily "re start" if she leaves the UK and then coes back – it might be paused, depending on her reasons for being abroad and the length of time

It will restart if she is in the UK and has a gap in her right to reside though.