Reply To: Pre-notification Checks


We are a smallish LA so we do a 10% check of all assessors work every day. We produce a list of all assessments done every evening.

The reults are then recorded on a spreadsheet and we record they type of change i.e. COC, New Claim, Intervention and whether the claim was correct or not. Only financial errors are recorded as incorrect (including dates of change) but we record all changes that are wrong such as WIB code, info. rec’d dates etc.

Any errors identified are passed to the assessor and are actioned on the day they are passed back.

We then use the details as an in-house accuracy statistic for assessors performance and also as a local PI.

As all the checks are logged against the assessors initials it is easy to extract all the errors (financial and non-financial) to report back at meetings and appraisals.

We do have DIP which does help on the checking side as it means we don’t need to have files being passed backwards and forwards. The downside is that we only check 10% of each assessor which is not enough so are hopefully looking towards a 100% check of some description – we are just not sure how we are going to acheive this yet.

Also – a LA that we benchmark with have their assessors checking other assessors work as part of their perfromance related pay scheme. The assessors have to chose how many claims they will check and they cab only reach the maximum earning level if they check a certain number. They claim it works brilliantly for them.

Edit – Sorry the should have been on the procedure and policy board.