Reply To: Proformas

chris harvey

This scenario is covered in S3/2003 Annex B Case 2. My reading of this indicates that these types of cases do not come under the special arrangements, so there is no need to contact Andrew Curphey and keep additional records.
However I am still trying to get my head round this. With new award letters that we are currently receiving we count the arrears as capital so we don’t go all the way back to 7/4/03 with the income. If we get a second wave proforma now, is the DWP suggesting we count as income from 7/4/03 but don’t recover the overpayment and claim 95% subsidy. We would be better off treating the arrears as capital as we don’t lose the 5%. Just realised though that unless the proformas have the date of payment sections completed we will not know the date to work out what is arrears and what isn’t. Also assuming some of these have been paid on time ie 28th April in most cases, should not the claimants have notified us of their award by now, so overpayments from the date of payment onwards should definately be claimant error.
I think I am losing the plot on this. What are other authorities who have received back their second wave proformas doing with them.