Reply To: Recovering Overpayments on behalf of another Authority


This is something that’s been bounded around for many many years. DWP Debt Management have always believed that LA’s should do this and we should consider it before asking the DWP to recover from national benefits.

Several years ago they actually started refusing to recover for LA’s if the person was on HB in a different area. They changed that policy when we demonstrated how impossible it was to administer recoveries for lots of different LA’s.

It’s something that we as a LA have always refused to do when we have received a request from another LA, because it’s an administrative nightmare!

In Greater Manchester we have previously discussed setting up some sort of local agreement to do this, but it’s never happened and I doubt it ever will, because I can’t see how it could work. It’s something that would need administering centrally not individually for it to be feasable.