Reply To: REG 71

Trevor Kenward

Mark, thanks for your input.
Perhaps I should have explained the matter better, sorry. My authority uses a Document Image Processing System so all end of entitlement IS/JSA notifications are electronically received direct from the local DWP office and upon their receipt claims are suspended prior to being sent to the asessment teams to action . If the HB claim for instance is in the name of Smith and the IS/JSA in the name of Jones it can cause a problem and an otherwise avoidable overpayment can occur.
In the scenario where the HB claimant is not the IS/JSA claimmant can the Authority insist that they claim both benefits in the same name?
If not is the HB claimant(i.e the one not cliaming as IS/JSA) treated as if being in receipt of IS/JSA or treated as non-IS and if so what is the partners income classed as.
I hope this explains the position better.Thanks:15: