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Thanks, I hadn't looked on WURTI that's a valid point, as his wife has done some intermittent work too, and as he is giving us nothing to go on, he could well have other incomes.

And yes, googling just his name has brought much more evidence that I will save and hopefully build into the appeal documents; Directorship of 7 companies albeit some showing active but no trading figures.

He was found guilty of serious professional miscounduct and his name was erased from the Medical Register in 2008 and he was not allowed to reapply for 5 years, at his hearing in 2014 the panel considered his application for restoration to the medical register and he was refused he had another hearing in August 2016 and again was refused and it was recommended that his right to apply for restoration to the medical register was suspended indefinately, he can ask for a review of this decison after 01 September 2019.

He seems to be allowed to offer 'consultancy advice' to private practices. His GMC paperwork states that 'The Tribunal was also concerned to note from the documents presented to it by Dr. …, for example the testimonials from 2014, and his written submissions, that he still may be practising as a doctor'. Based on the bank statements we have been given from fraud, his net income on one business account is £1534.80 per week. Granted this only takes into account expenses paid out of the account.

He has one declared income which is an annual pension of £35.61 from Guardian. He states this is what him and his wife live off. 

He has been given UC from 23 November 2017 declaring SEI as zero.

Anyone fancy presenting this on my behalf 😉