Reply To: Requests for information


Sorry, but I think it’s very dodgy personally, and likely to cause you problems.

Surely it cannot be right to give people deadlines that have no force in law, and even if the actual action is not taken until the calendar month is up, you have in effect told the claimant that they only have 21 days. I think there is an onus on us to give accurate information about time limits.

I do not know if there is a CD, but I suspect not because (to steal an answer to another recent query) no LA doing this would let it get that far once challenged.

Edited to add – that the reason you will have problems is because as soon as a claimant seeks advice from a suitably competent person (about anything to do with the claim) the practice is going to come to light. You will have also given a very big hostage to fortune whenever a claimant fails to meet a statutory time limit. Any half-intelligent advisor will simply argue that if the LA cannot give correct information about time limits, how can it expect claimants to comply with them.