Reply To: RO referrals for pensioners


Just want to clarify something in SI 1338 around when re-referrals can be made.

Current practise (i.e. prior to abolition of benefit periods) allows us to obtain a new RO decision for use from the start of the next benefit period providing that the old RO decision [i:a5f782b0be]had been used on the claim [/i:a5f782b0be]for at least 52 weeks.

SI 1338 introduces a similar method of “52 week referrals” but makes reference to “52 weeks since the last application for a decision” – this would reflect the date of the RO referral but would not necessarily reflect the date it is used from on the HB claim.

I’m guessing that the intention is to re-refer every time a decision has been used for 52 weeks on a claim but SI 1138 doesn’t seem to say this. Can anyone shed any light on this or am I just not reading the regs right?