Reply To: RO referrals for pensioners


Thanks for the response.

Playing Devils Advocate: 😈

Supposing a claim is received on 3/11/03, processed the same day and paid on account wef 3/11/03. Customer has not provided sufficient information for a RO referral to be done so this is queried further. Full info received on 22/12/03 and referred to RO same day. RO decision received 29/12/03 and used on claim wef 3/11/03 According to SI 1338, we cannot re-refer until 22/12/04 thus meaning the original decision is used for approx 60 weeks.

Contrast this with another claim made at exactly the same time but this person does provide all details necessary for an RO referral. This claim is processed on the same day, i.e. 3/11/03 and a referral done that day. This claim can then have a re-referral 3/11/04 meaning that the original decision is valid for 52 weeks.

Surely this can’t be right – wouldn’t it be easier for all RO decisions to be used for 52 weeks. Upon re-referral, this period would be specified to the RO in the same way that we tell them the benefit period dates at the moment.

Any comments anyone??? ❓