Julian Hobson

Another word of caution – the latest missive from TPS said that although the SC figure was reporting in the AIF field, we could calculate the AIf by adding together the appropriate income breakdown on the ETD, Having looked at about 40 so far, I’d be confident of doing that in two cases.

If you have given out that instruction take it back ASAP as it would appear that the breakdown is woefully inadequate for that purpose in most cases. In almost all the cases I looked at there was no SRP as income in savings credit only cases. e.g. You might see £39.40 occ pension as the entirety of the income used in the calc with Sc award of £1.31. In this case £39.40 is obviously not the AIF.

NHB5’s (ammended) seem to be the only way forward, I don’t hold out any hope for corrected ETD’s when the problem is resolved this week, they MIGHT be on the scan but can you risk it ?